Your Guide To Porcelain Crowns

Professional teeth whitening in Polk City, IAAs you age, your teeth attain natural wear from chewing, exposure to varying degrees of temperature, and instances of damage. These occurrences can take place over the course of years, or they can happen in seconds. Whether you experienced sudden trauma or have gradually worn down your teeth, a porcelain crown may be a solution to your toothache, missing tooth, or tooth discoloration. Dr. Hussong explains how a dental crown can enhance your oral health and aesthetic appeal in the following article. 

A Porcelain Crown And Your Health

Toothaches, fractured teeth, chipped teeth, or severe decay all call for treatment to alleviate discomfort and improve oral health. On one hand, your oral health can benefit from replacing a damaged or decayed tooth for two reasons: 1. You retain the beautiful appearance of your smile, and 2. You retain even functionality across the occlusal (top) surface of your teeth. Removing a decayed or damaged tooth and replacing it, a porcelain crown adds longevity to your oral health.

Cosmetic Treatment And Your Smile

On the other hand, the beauty of your smile exists because you posses two full arches of teeth. Those teeth are even, white, and bright. Some would even call them dazzling, but if you were to damage a tooth suddenly, wear down the enamel over time, or experience severe decay, your smile would suffer. Aesthetically speaking, your smile is the cornerstone to a great first impression, and a porcelain crown may be the solution to your missing, decayed, or damaged tooth condition.

What Are The Benefits?

The following list shows some of the benefits you may experience from receiving a porcelain crown from Dr. Hussong at Cornerstone Dental:

  • Restore and retain a natural-looking smile
  • Restore functionality where it may have been lost due to a damaged or decayed tooth
  • It will feel natural, like you never replaced a tooth in the first place.
  • You will experience a boost in confidence knowing your smile is full and complete

About Dr. Hussong

At Cornerstone Dental: Ryan Hussong, DDS is a dedicated restorative, family, and cosmetic dentist who is passionate about helping patients create and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. Whether your smile is in the grips of a dental disease, or you simply want to learn more about protecting your family’s smiles, Dr. Hussong has the experience to help you protect, preserve, and restore your oral health. To schedule a consultation with us, call the Cornerstone Dental office today at (515) 984-6001.

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