Tooth Colored Fillings and Bonding

White Teeth, Even After Dental Work

Your parents had no alternative. If they had a cavity or fractured tooth, the dentist would put metal in their mouths. You, however, can retain an all-white, natural-looking smile, even after dental work. If you need a decayed, chipped, or cracked tooth repaired, Dr. Hussong will use durable materials that look natural. Once we complete the procedure, your smile will appear whole and gorgeous, even when sporting a new restoration.

When Do We Need a Filling or Cosmetic Bonding?

Our teeth are strong, but not impervious to damage. Whether due to trauma or tooth decay, you may notice a persistent toothache to tooth sensitivity. This is often an early indicator of tooth decay or even an infection. Dr. Hussong will diagnose the cause. If you have a cavity or a damaged tooth, we may recommend whether a filling or cosmetic bonding to restore your tooth to full function and health.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

First, Dr. Hussong will carefully exam your teeth to assess the severity and cause of your cavity. After removing decay from a tooth, a dentist places a filling material to fill the hole, or cavity. In the past, amalgam (silver) was the material of choice, but they look unnatural. We also know, amalgam can leech hazardous mercury in small amounts. For this reason, the FDA warns against amalgam fillings for children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with mercury sensitivity. Metal fillings can also change shape with time, exposing the tooth to bacteria or even damaging it.

Dr. Hussong prefers tooth-colored composite resin to amalgam. This plastic substance has been proven safe and durable in dental fillings. Some people even elect to have old silver fillings replaced with new, inconspicuous tooth-colored fillings. No one but you and Dr. Hussong will know you’ve undergone dental restoration. If you would like more information or are interested in replacing your metal filling, contact Dr. Hussong today.

Cosmetic Bonding

For chipped or widely spaced teeth, the same material used for white fillings can be applied. Tooth-colored composite resin replaces tooth structure. Instead of filling a cavity, Dr. Hussong can apply and sculpt the material to reshape teeth. The bonding agent will be applied in several layers. After molding the tooth, the material will be cured with a special light. Bonding can also cover permanent stains that don’t respond to teeth whitening systems. The entire procedure takes just one visit, saving you time and money.

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