The Dental Filling You Can’t See

approving smile on businesswomanA cavity is literally a hole in your tooth that forms and grows as bacteria consume it (tooth decay). Usually, discomfort will warn you that a cavity is present, if your dentist hasn’t already seen it and treated it before it got that serious. Traditionally, mild to moderate cavities are treated by removing the infection, sterilizing the tooth structure, and filling the hole with dental amalgam (a mixture of silver, mercury, and other metals). At our Polk City dentist’s office, however, Dr. Ryan Hussong prefers tooth-colored composite resin, rather than conspicuous metal, to create a dental filling that works better, and blends in with your tooth so no one can see it.

It Works Better, Too

Tooth-colored resin is a composition mixed from plastic and other materials, and can be tinted to specifically match the color of your teeth. Resin can also bond to your tooth’s structure to create a highly-resilient seal, unlike metal amalgam, which can change shape with severe changes in temperature. By adhering to the tooth, tooth colored fillings offer better protection against future tooth decay, as well as improved structural integrity for the afflicted tooth.

The Dental Filling that’s More than a Filling

Have a stain that won’t lighten with teeth-whitening, or a tooth with a chipped edge that throws your whole smile off-balance? For minor and moderate cosmetic issues, Dr. Hussong often recommends dental bonding, or the application of composite resin to the outer surface of your tooth. By bonding resin to the tooth, then sculpting, curing, and polishing it to fit the tooth’s natural contour, Dr. Hussong can correct a variety of blemishes, often in just one visit, and without the need for extensive cosmetic work.


Dr. Ryan Hussong is a dedicated restorative, family, and cosmetic dentist who is passionate about helping patients create and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. To schedule a consultation with us, call the Cornerstone Dental in Polk City office today at (515) 984-6001. We proudly serve patients of all ages from Polk City, Ankeny, Grimes, Ames, Johnston, Urbandale, and Des Moines.