The Benefits of Dental Implants

Are you embarrassed or uncomfortable because of a missing tooth? Dental implants provide a wonderful solution. Regardless of whether you’ve lost a tooth to disease, injury, or lack of proper care, a dental implant will replace your lost tooth, all the way down to the root. Dr. Hussong will recommend the proper implant style based on your needs. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth, several teeth, a row of teeth, or an entire arch of teeth, there’s an implant option that will restore your smile, and your confidence.

Before replacing your lost tooth (or teeth), Dr. Hussong will determine the underlying reason for the tooth loss. Gum disease and other oral health problems should be addressed prior to replacing missing teeth. This will reduce your risk for experiencing the same problem again.

Dental implants go beyond other replacement options like traditional dentures or dental bridges to become permanent parts of your body. The base is actually secured into the jawbone — into the socket of a missing tooth — to establish a solid foundation. Then, a crown or denture is placed on the implant post or posts. Dental implants will become part of you; a part that doesn’t rely on healthy teeth or gums for support, just like a natural tooth!

For most patients, an implant procedure can take 7-8 months. During this time, jawbone integrates naturally, bonding with implant posts. Dr. Hussong can often place temporary crowns or dentures just following surgery — so you won’t go without teeth for a prolonged time. Keep in mind, some patients may not make good candidates for the procedure. Dr. Hussong will assess your oral health, jawbone density, and lifestyle to recommend the best solution for replacing your missing teeth.

Dr. Hussong and our team want to help restore your smile and give you back your confidence and quality of life. As a general, restorative, and cosmetic dentist in Polk City Iowa, Dr. Hussong can attend to all of your dental care needs. Call our dental office at  515.984.6001 for more information or to schedule an appointment.