Straighten Your Smile With Clear Braces

invisalignAre you an adult interested in straightening crooked or crowded teeth? Do you worry that metal braces will make you look like a teenager instead of an adult? Have you considered discussing clear braces with your family dentist in Polk City, IA? It may come as a surprise, but braces aren’t stigmatized to be only seen on teenagers anymore. You as a teenager or an adult can straighten your teeth with virtually invisible, removable trays. A straight smile remains a beautiful smile, and you have the opportunity to enhance your social and professional worth while boosting self-confidence with even and attractive teeth arches. 

What Are Clear Braces?

Dr. Hussong and our team at Cornerstone Dental offer ClearCorrect aligners. These acrylic, virtually invisible trays straighten teeth inconspicuously, achieving the same result as traditional metal braces without the wires and brackets.

The trays are custom fitted based on 3D computer imaging that Dr. Hussong collects during the first consultation. Once these trays are created, the patient is then given the personalized number of trays to wear for about two weeks at a time. Each set of trays are worn for at least 20 hours a day, a few hours being allowed for eating, drinking, and regular oral hygiene habits to take place.

For meals or beverages other than water, you can easily remove the trays.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

ClearCorrect achieves the same straight smile as traditional braces, but it readjusts your teeth gradually without tightening or manipulating wires and brackets. The acrylic trays are switched every few weeks to guide crooked or crowded teeth into the ideal positing determined by your doctor after studying your 3D teeth images and creating your alignment plan.

Who Is A Candidate?

If you maintain good oral health, posses crooked or crowded teeth, and would like to align your teeth into an even, more attractive smile, you may be a candidate for clear braces. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hussong today and take advantage of popular dental technology today.

About Dr. Hussong

At Cornerstone Dental: Ryan Hussong, DDS is a dedicated restorative, family, and cosmetic dentist who is passionate about helping patients create and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. Whether your smile is in the grips of a dental disease, or you simply want to learn more about protecting your family’s smiles, Dr. Hussong has the experience to help you protect, preserve, and restore your oral health. To schedule a consultation with us, call the Cornerstone Dental office today at (515) 984-6001.


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