Porcelain Veneers Enhance Your Smile Style

Porcelain veneers in Polk City, IA

Yellow, crooked teeth? We can fix that. Those glasses? Not so much.

When you think of the perfect smile, what do you envision? Do you see teeth made brighter and more luminous, or do you imagine what your smile would look like without a snaggletooth or prominent gap? At Cornerstone Dental, we know that each of our patients has a unique vision for their ideal look. Natural-looking porcelain veneers in Polk City, IA, are as versatile as they are popular, says Dr. Ryan Hussong, a general dentist who offers cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry. Veneers, which suit patients of all types, allow you to smile freely and confidently. If you need something else to smile about, you’ll appreciate these fascinating tidbits about the exquisite art of smiling.

Humans Have Built-in Smiling Detection

In a report published by The Institute of Cognitive Science, researchers revealed that humans have the ability to detect a smiling face for up to 300 feet in the distance. Unpleasant facial expressions, such as scowling and sneering, are only visible from a distance of approximately 150 feet. It is believed that our smile-seeking radars once gave us the advantage of discerning our friends from foes, even from a great distance. By applying thin, custom-tinted layers of porcelain to each tooth, Dr. Hussong can create a smile as dramatic or subtle as your heart desires. Your new veneers will ensure that your teeth are the ideal size, shape, and shade of white. If you have perfectly straight teeth but desire a brighter smile, consider our  teeth whitening options.

Don’t Be Stingy With Your Smile

Who could see the carefree, uninhibited smile of a child without cracking their own smile? It’s hard to say, but one thing is true—adults smile far less often than children. On average, a young child will smile as many as 400 times daily! Adults? Not so much. Not even one-third of adults smile more than 20 times a day. Even more disheartening, 14 percent of adults don’t flash a smile even five times daily. We know one thing for sure, that it’s easier to smile when you have total confidence in the appearance of your teeth. Custom porcelain veneers address a variety of cosmetic concerns, such as stains, surface imperfections, and slight crookedness.

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  1. Jan

    Does a person’s teeth have to be altered before placing veneers?