Pssst…Got Any Big Plans for Your Tax Refund?

porcelain-veneers-in-polk-cityIf you’re expecting a juicy tax refund this year, you’ve no doubt put some thought into all the possibilities that it brings—a much-needed vacation, perhaps, or a much-coveted designer purse. These are tantalizing options, but neither benefits you in the long run. Instead of springing for a few fleeting moments of luxury, consider an investment in your smile. Dr. Ryan Hussong, who provides porcelain veneers in Polk City, IA, has witnessed firsthand the life-changing power of a newly perfected smile.

Here’s Something to Smile About

Yes, cosmetic dentistry improves the appearance of your smile, but it also changes the way you feel about yourself, and the way that others perceive you. Did you know that people associate a bright, healthy smile with confidence, success, and friendliness? How about the fact that hiring managers overwhelmingly cite a candidate’s lack of smiling as a major deal breaker? When you no longer hesitate to flash your smile, you open up a world of possibilities for yourself. You feel more self-assured when you introduce yourself to new people, and you don’t hesitate to make your voice heard. Public speaking? No problem. Lunch with an important client? Piece of cake.

The Versatility of Veneers

Veneers address a number of cosmetic issues, which explains why they appeal to so many patients. For example, they mask stubborn stains with a pearly white sheen that is virtually indistinguishable from healthy, natural teeth. Because the color of porcelain can be adjusted, you can achieve results that are subtle or dramatically whiter—your choice. Porcelain is more stain-resistant than other options, such as composite resin, which is used in dental bonding. It’s not only a matter of color correction. We also use porcelain veneers to fill gaps between teeth, treat chips and cracks, and create the illusion of straighter teeth.

Porcelain Veneers: The Basics

When you first meet with Dr. Hussong, you will discuss your expectations and preferences together. Your skin tone, face shape, and facial features will determine the ideal shape, size, and shade of your veneers. After making impressions of your teeth, Dr. Hussong will design your veneers, then send the specifications to a dental ceramist. In the meantime, you will wear temporary veneers to get a good feel for what to expect. Once your permanent veneers are complete, you will return to our office for placement.

Questions about porcelain veneers in Polk City, IA? To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Hussong, contact our office at (515) 984-6001. We are pleased to serve patients living in Ankeny, Alleman, Grimes, Des Moines, Polk City, and the surrounding cities.