And the Award for Best Porcelain Veneers in Polk City IA Goes To…

porcelain veneers in Polk City IAWith the Golden Globes behind us and the Grammys and Academy Awards just around the corner, awards show season is in full swing. Your favorites don’t always win, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bask in the glitz and glamour of A-list movie stars and talented musicians. According to Dr. Ryan Hussong, many celebrities have veneers to thank for their dazzling smiles. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a smile worthy of the red carpet? Consider the advantages of having porcelain veneers in Polk City IA.

Porcelain Veneers Address Cosmetic Concerns

If your teeth show signs of decay, discoloration, or dullness, veneers mask these problems with paper-thin layers of porcelain. Many of our patients seek veneers to subtly treat small chips and slightly crooked teeth. Dr. Hussong applies a powerful adhesive to your teeth before placing the first layer of porcelain and continues to add layers until he achieves the desired effect. Advantages of Veneers From Cornerstone Dental

  • Consistent color:  Veneers do not change color, even after many years of wear.
  • Durability: Your new veneers will resist scratches and stains for 5-10 years. You can prolong the life of your new smile by avoiding bad habits such as chewing ice, grinding your teeth, biting your nails, or gnawing on pencils.
  • Subtlety: Many of our patients choose veneers over crowns because they allow for more conservative shaping and coloration. Crowns, on the other hand, often require significant shaping of your teeth.
  • Coverage: If your teeth have darkened due to antibiotic use, genetic factors, age, or infections, your veneers will create a brightening effect to create a more natural appearance.

Customizing Your Smile at Cornerstone Dental

Every patient has unique needs and preferences, so Dr. Hussong eschews the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of personalized cosmetic dentistry. Your ideal smile will depend in part on your skin tone, best facial features, and the size of your mouth and teeth. When you visit us, you will review images of people who have veneers, identifying those that appear closest to your own expectations. You will wear temporary veneers for a short period, which will acclimate you to the sensation of having the veneers in your mouth. This also allows you to determine whether further adjustments must be made before Dr. Hussong places your permanent veneers.

Questions about veneers? Cornerstone Dental also offers bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, and clear braces to enhance your smile. Call our Polk City office at 515-984-6001 to schedule an appointment or request additional info. We serve patients living in Ankeny, Grimes, Ames, Johnston, Urban Dale, Des Moines, and surrounding communities.