Polk City IA General Dentist Discusses Your Diet and Your Teeth

fruits and vegetablesYou can do a lot to protect your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. However, there are other important things to consider when developing an oral health regimen. Your diet, for instance, can have a tremendous impact upon the state of your teeth. As your Polk City IA general dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, points out, diet affects teeth so profoundly because some of the foods that you may consume actually do more to feed bad bacteria than they do to nourish your body. As a result, a diet that features many of these foods will often create conditions that can lead to a deterioration in oral health.

Designing a Teeth-Friendly Diet

A diet that is friendly toward your oral health is very similar to a diet that is healthy for your whole body. You, therefore, should avoid consuming sugar-laden snacks, which have little nutritional value but contain numerous calories. Sugar-heavy foods are especially bad for your teeth as they serve to feed harmful oral bacteria. When these bacteria consume sugar, they give off an acid byproduct that can remove enamel from teeth, causing decay.

In addition to avoiding excess sugar, you should also carefully monitor how many acidic foods and beverages your diet contains. While not damaging to teeth if you consume them in moderation, eating and drinking acidic products continually can result in enamel loss. As the hardest substance in the body, enamel provides a solid defense against bacteria. Thus, anything that can result in its loss puts teeth at risk because without enamel the softer under layer of dentin is exposed. Dentin succumbs to decay much more easily than enamel, making enamel loss a frequent precursor to tooth decay.

Knowing that you should avoid too many acidic and sugar-laden products, it is easy to formulate a good diet for your body and mouth. Look for lean proteins and plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as some whole grains and dairy products. By consuming this type of diet and practicing thorough homecare, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of good oral health.

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