Three Patients, Three Candidates for Dental Crowns

Dental crowns in Polk City, IAA PhD, a professional, and a party animal—three very different people who share an interesting similarity. In each of these hypothetical scenarios, dental crowns are a viable option to restore their damaged or imperfect teeth. Patients are often surprised to learn that they have so many options for restoring broken or missing teeth, regardless of age and background. Dr. Ryan Hussong explains how dental crowns in Polk City, IA benefit patients and address multiple dental problems.

Meet the Candidates

Alice, a 40-year-old college professor, takes excellent care of her teeth these days. This wasn’t always the case. Ten years ago, her tooth decay was so severe that she needed four fillings in a single appointment. At the time, silver and gold alloys were the only materials available for dental fillings. Much to her chagrin, her silver fillings are clearly visible when she opens her mouth to eat or speak. She doesn’t think that a mouthful of metal is appropriate for a distinguished academic such as herself.

Spencer, 50, has a destructive habit of grinding his teeth when he’s under stress. The problem? As CEO of a large company, he’s under stress 24/7. Years of clenching and grinding have taken a toll on his teeth. A few of his lower front teeth appear shorter and more worn down than before, and a few teeth have even cracked or chipped as a result. Like Alice, Spencer is concerned that the appearance of his damaged teeth does not convey the professionalism appropriate for an executive.

Matt, a full-time student, is loving his freshman year at the University of Iowa. Actually, he loves it a bit too much. After a night of off-campus debauchery, a stumble over the curb sent Matt sprawling to the ground. His ego wasn’t the only thing he bruised in the fall—he also broke his front two teeth when he hit the concrete. The tooth fragments are nowhere to be found, and Matt wonders how his damaged smile will affect his ladies’ man image.

Consider the Benefits of Dental Crowns

Aside from having damaged teeth, all three candidates also share concerns about the effects of damaged teeth on their physical appearance. Dr. Hussong no longer uses metal crowns, preferring instead to create porcelain crowns. Porcelain, which can be matched to your natural tooth color, affords a realistic appearance unmatched by metals. Your crowns will appear nearly identical to the surrounding teeth. What about Alice, who already has metal fillings? Not a problem, says Dr. Hussong. If decay is present beneath the metal filling, we can replace it with a porcelain crown. As for Spencer and his bruxism, porcelain crowns will restore the natural appearance and function of his worn-down teeth. Dr. Hussong cautions that although porcelain is durable, it cannot withstand endless grinding. Fortunately, Cornerstone Dental provides treatment for TMJ disorders and nocturnal teeth grinding.

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