Don’t Neglect Your Back Teeth

When you smile, people generally only see the front of your teeth. Cosmetic and replacement treatments can enhance your smile to look better visibly. Veneers and bonding cover the outside part of your teeth, and whitening bleaches the visible outer enamel. However, your back teeth are just as important! Even though people can’t see them, it’s still important to keep your hidden molars in proper shape.

Your Chewing Teeth

Your front canine and incisor teeth help tear your food, but your back molars do the majority of the chewing. This means that all your food touches your back teeth for grinding and crushing before swallowing. Since the back area is frequently exposed to food, they are the biggest feeding ground for oral bacteria. Additionally, your back teeth generally have deeper grooves to help with chewing, so it’s easier for food to get stuck in these crevices.

Hard to Reach

Since more food touches your back teeth, it’s important to brush them very thoroughly. However, many people have difficulty reaching their back teeth or they get bored with brushing before they get to that area. You should begin your brushing routine with your back teeth. That way, your toothpaste and brush are fresh, and you’re strong enough to make sure the area is cleaned carefully.

Missing Back Teeth

Because back surfaces are often overlooked, this is the prime spot for cavities. Improper care could contribute to the need for extractions or gum disease that causes teeth to fall out. Although other people won’t be able to tell if you’re missing teeth in the back of your mouth, it will leave gaps in your mouth. Other teeth may drift into the space can cause pain or alignment issues. Furthermore, missing back teeth will make chewing more difficult. Dr. Hussong offers dental implants and dentures to replace any of your front or back teeth for full functionality.

The teeth that people can’t see are just as important as the teeth that show when you smile. Dental X-rays give Dr. Hussong a better view of your hidden teeth. Visit Dr. Hussong to ensure that all the teeth in your mouth are healthy. Contact Cornerstone Dental in Polk City, IA, at (515) 984-6001 to request an appointment.