Dental Health Products to Keep in Your Medicine Cabinet

You already know that a toothbrush and dental floss are very important products to use daily to keep your mouth healthy. But there are other useful dental products that you should keep in your medicine cabinet. Dr. Hussong can help you select the products you need to go beyond brushing and flossing to protect your smile.

  • Interdental Cleaners: These small brushes clean between your teeth and around oral appliances. They are beneficial when on the run for removing stuck food particles.
  • Mouthwash: Many people overlook mouthwash as a part of their daily hygiene routines. Oral rinses can clean extra bacteria from your cheeks, throat, tongue, and other places that your toothbrush and floss can’t reach. Mouthwash also helps keep your breath fresh and fight tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Mouth Guard: Many people grind their teeth unconsciously in their sleep. If Dr. Hussong diagnoses you with bruxism, be sure to grab your mouth guard before going to bed to prevent your teeth from smacking.
  • Whitening: Over-the-counter whitening products can help whiten your teeth, although this method takes longer to brighten than professional bleaching. Instead, you may choose to use Dr. Hussong’s take-home whitening trays.
  • Alternatives: You should have an extra supply of dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash to fit any of your needs. For example, if you have sensitive teeth, use some sensitivity products for a while to treat the problem. Many dental products are available in a variety of textures, materials, flavors, and styles to meet your preferences and comforts.
  • Emergency Supplies: You never know when you may need to save your smile from an accident or injury. Over-the-counter pain medication can temporarily reduce pain and swelling, and gauze can help soak up blood and cover the wounded area. Ask Dr. Hussong what other materials you should keep on-hand to prepare for an emergency.

Brushing and flossing are very important, but they’re not always enough. Dr. Hussong will recommend the dental products you need for your specific dental situation to keep your mouth healthy. And remember, no matter how many dental care items you keep in your medicine cabinet, you still need to visit Dr. Hussong every six months for a professional cleaning. Contact Cornerstone Dental in Polk City, IA, at (515) 984-6001 to request an appointment.