Polk City Dentist Shares the History of Dental Implants

dental implant 2Dental implants are relatively new to the scene of dentistry, at least as far as most of us are concerned. However, before you were able to consult with your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong about your candidacy for replacement teeth that replicate the structure of natural teeth, dental implants were a long time in the making. The oldest dental implant that has been discovered to date belonged to a Mayan woman who researchers believe lived around 600 AD. Initially, the researchers believed that the tooth-shaped fragments of shell that they found in the mandible of the woman were placed after her death as was a common practice of the ancient Egyptians. However, radiographs showed the bone of the mandible to be very compact around the tooth-shaped shell pieces, suggesting that they were placed during her lifetime and that the bone of her mandible healed around them. Considering the fact the first dental implant in modern history was not placed until 1959, the ingenuity revealed by these shell fragments is impressive.

The Modern History of Dental Implants

Much of the research that led to the development of the modern dental implant is credited to Swedish orthopaedic surgeon P. I. Branemark. Branemark studied the way that the bone of a rabbit’s femur was able to fuse with titanium, a discovery that formed the basic idea around modern dental implants, which are made of titanium and successfully fuse with the jawbone. Branemark named this phenomenon of the fusion of bone and titanium osseointegration, a term still used to describe the process today. However, Branemark was not the first to place a titanium dental implant. That honor belongs to Stefano Melchiade Tramonte, an Italian doctor who placed his first implant in 1959, beating Branemark by six years.

Dental Implants in Polk City

If you are looking for replacement teeth that look and feel natural, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Hussong, can help you take advantage of the work of Branemark, Tramonte, and numerous other doctors. Dr. Hussong will begin by determining whether or not you are a good candidate to receive a dental implant, a process which involves taking scans of the mouth to examine the health of the jawbone. If Dr. Hussong determines that you are a good candidate to receive a dental implant, he will refer you to an oral surgeon, who will place the implant or implants. After osseointegration is complete, Dr. Hussong will then design and attach your dental prosthetic to complete the process.

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