Polk City Dentist Addresses Common Myths about Gum Disease

Cornerstone Dental provides gum disease diagnosis and treatment. At every oral examination and cleaning, Dr. Ryan Hussong and our dental hygienists will look for signs of gum disease and assess your gum health. Early detection of gum disease is imperative to curing and managing the infection. When gum disease goes undiagnosed and untreated, it can potentially destroy your oral health. Our team at Cornerstone Dental offers important information about gum disease and dispels common misconceptions about gum health.

Myth: Gum disease is just a minor infection.

Many people are unaware how gum disease can potentially compromise your oral health and total wellbeing. Untreated gum disease leads to a chronic, widespread infection in the mouth that aggressively attacks the bond between gums and teeth. As the gums recede from the teeth, periodontal pockets form and tartar buildup collects underneath the gum line, ultimately attaching to the roots of teeth. Many studies show that the infection present in gum disease can enter the bloodstream and may affect a patient’s overall health.

Myth: Tooth loss is a natural occurrence as people age.

Many people falsely associate tooth loss with aging, however, the truth is that teeth can last for a lifetime. Our patients are often surprised to learn that gum disease is actually the primary cause of tooth loss—not aging or tooth decay. As the infection spreads and tartar buildup irritates gum tissue, the gums pull away from the teeth. Gum tissue recession ultimately loosens the teeth and leads to tooth loss.

Myth:  Gum disease can be cured with antibiotics.

Although advanced gum disease may be treated with antibiotics to manage the infection, these medications do not cure gum disease. Once gum disease progresses to periodontitis the disease is not curable; it is only manageable with professional treatments such as deep cleanings and meticulous oral hygiene.

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