Polk City Dentist Silences the Dreaded Drill

Polk City, IA family dentistIt’s easily one of the most dreaded sounds, the whining, grinding whirr of the dentist’s drill. Some fear the noise so much that they delay much-needed dental treatment while their teeth and gums suffer the consequences. At Cornerstone Dental, Dr. Ryan Hussong treats patients of all ages, many of whom have an extreme aversion to the drill. If you don’t feel the thrill of the drill, you’re in luck. Your Polk City, IA family dentist now offers air abrasion, a more pleasant but equally effective alternative to drilling.

Think of air abrasion as a mouth-friendly version of a sandblaster or power washer. With each cleansing pulse, compressed air and tiny bits of aluminum oxide, silica, or a sodium bicarbonate mixture target debris and tooth decay. Using a small suction device, Dr. Hussong or his assistant will remove the debris and residue while you wear protective safety glasses and a special cover that protects the untreated areas of your mouth.

Why Do Our Patients Prefer Air Abrasion to Drilling?

Our patients appreciate that air abrasion spares them the painful grinding noise that they’ve come to associate with dental discomfort, but the benefits don’t stop there. Air abrasion also:

  • Allows us to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to administer anesthesia in some cases
  • Doesn’t emit heat, pressure, vibrations, or sound
  • Requires relatively little time to complete
  • Enables Dr. Hussong to treat more than one area during your appointment, rather than requiring multiple appointments
  • Allows for a more favorable working space for patients set to receive composite resin fillings
  • Is less likely to chip surrounding teeth, requiring further restorative dentistry

Are You a Candidate for Air Abrasion?

Dr. Hussong notes that patients who typically benefit from air abrasion include those who have expressed severe anxiety about drilling, as well as children who have superficial cavities with minor decay. He also recommends air abrasion for patients who will receive composite tooth fillings rather than metal amalgam fillings. When you contact our office, inquire whether you are an ideal candidate for this popular option.

How can air abrasion change your view of dentistry? To learn more about our dental technology, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Hussong, contact Cornerstone Dental at 515-984-6001. We provide preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry for your entire family. Our office serves patients living in Ankeny, Alleman, Ames, Grimes, and around the 50226 area.

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