Polk City Dentist Provides Overview of ClearCorrect Clear Braces

Six Month Smiles GirlThere was a time in history when tin grins were the mainstream way to straighten teeth. For adolescents and teens that weren’t born with perfect alignment, bracket-and-wire braces were the only way to fly. After all of those often uncomfortable months of getting wires tightened and twisted, fastening rubber bands from the top to the bottom, and not being able to eat popcorn or chew gum, the expectation was that you should continue wearing a retainer for a set period of time. This was a long and arduous process to attain straight teeth, but it was the only choice. Your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, will explain how patients now have an easier option when straightening their teeth, thanks to a virtually invisible form of customized teeth straighteners called ClearCorrect clear braces.

Benefits of Clear Braces

ClearCorrect is a great choice for people with poor spacing, under-bites, over-bites, and/or over-crowding. We see a lot of patients who sported traditional bracket-and-wire braces when they were younger, but neglected their retainer wearing recommendations, and ended up with crooked teeth all over again. This is a common issue, and nothing to feel bad about. Thankfully, with clear alignment tray systems, you don’t need to worry about anyone being the wiser that you are going through a teeth straightening process. You can go to work, go on dates, and even get your picture taken with no one being the wiser. You can also take the aligners out when you eat and brush your teeth, so there’s no need to worry that you have food caught in your braces.

The ClearCorrect Process

When you opt for ClearCorrect, Dr. Hussong will take impressions and measurements of your teeth. Through the use of 3D computer imaging, you’ll be able to see a projection of your straightened teeth before treatment even starts. Your personal data will be sent to a lab. A skilled technician there will fabricate a series of customized clear plastic aligners which will be manufactured specifically for your orthodontic needs. The entire process of straightening with ClearCorrect usually takes only about a year.

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