Exploring Root Canal Therapy with Your Polk City Dentist

tooth ouchThe phrase “root canal” can be enough to send chills down the spines of some people. Unfortunately, if you’ve been told that your tooth requires the procedure, then chances are that ignoring it can cost you the tooth. With advanced technology and methods, much of the apprehension associated with root canal therapy is no longer an issue. In most cases, Dr. Hussong can perform the procedure in just one visit, allowing you to return to your normal schedule as you would a less invasive procedure, like a dental filling. To help encourage you to take action against the destruction of your tooth, your Polk City dentist discusses the importance of undergoing root canal treatment as soon as possible if it’s needed.

The Progression of Tooth Decay

The need for root canal treatment means that tooth decay has gripped your tooth severely enough to infect its innermost tissues. As a progressive disease, cases of tooth decay range in severity, and treatment differs from patient to patient. The disease begins when certain oral bacteria convert sugar into acid. These germs are found in dental plaque, and the acid they produce weakens your enamel as it depletes your teeth of essential minerals. When enamel erosion is detected early, it can often be reversed with enamel-strengthening measures (like fluoride treatments), improved oral hygiene, and a diet rich in the minerals that form the building blocks of enamel, such as calcium and phosphorous. When decay progresses and infects your tooth’s main structure, Dr. Hussong can save your tooth by removing the decay and replacing it with a white composite resin filling. If left undetected, however, the infection will continue until it reaches the soft mass of nerves and blood vessels housed in the center chamber of your tooth, called the pulp.

You Can Still Save Your Tooth

Although late-stage tooth decay can destroy your tooth beyond its ability to function, a root canal treatment may be able to save it from the need for extraction. After creating a small opening in your tooth to gain access to the infection, Dr. Hussong will carefully remove the decayed tissue, seal the roots with gutta percha to prevent the spread of infection, and replace the removed tissue with a discrete white dental filling.

Tooth Decay and Root Canal Therapy in Polk City

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