Polk City Dentist Helps You Identify a Teeth Grinding Habit

asleep 1Do you grind your teeth? Are you certain? If you don’t grind your teeth during your waking hours, there is no guarantee that you are not grinding them when you are asleep. Many people are unaware of the fact that they grind their teeth on a nightly basis until the signs of their teeth grinding (bruxism) habits begin to show. Unfortunately, sometimes those signs come in the forms of serious damage to teeth. Thus, to help you protect your teeth, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, has put together the following quiz to help you determine whether or not you grind your teeth.

The Quiz

  • Are your teeth frequently sensitive in the mornings?

Why this matters: Bruxism puts teeth under a lot of strain. This strain can cause teeth to feel sore or sensitive, especially in the mornings right after the stress on teeth has occurred.

  • Is your jaw often sore?

Why this matters: Teeth are not alone in suffering the strain of bruxism. The jaw also feels the stress, and it is not uncommon for a teeth grinding habit to cause a sore jaw. In fact, bruxism has been known to irritate the temporomandibular joints (jaw joints), creating what is known as a TMJ disorder, a debilitating condition with symptoms that often include headaches, earaches, facial pain, and migraines.

  • Do your teeth appear worn down or flattened?

Why this matters: Bruxism can leave physical signs on teeth. As time passes, teeth lose enamel and become worn down. Thus, if your teeth appear to be showing signs of wear, you may have a teeth grinding habit.

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If you suspect that you have a teeth grinding habit, seek prompt dental assistance. Without treatment, a teeth grinding habit can cause teeth to crack, chip, or break. Contact your Polk City dentist, Dr. Hussong, today by calling Cornerstone Dental at (515) 984-6001 to schedule an appointment or a consultation. Located in the 50226 area, we proudly welcome families from Des Moines, Polk City, Ames, Ankeny, Alleman, Bondurant, Grimes, Johnston, and the surrounding communities.