Polk City Dentist: Three Situations that Require Dental Crowns

dental crownHave you heard of a dental crown? It is a hollow, tooth-shaped cap that fits over the top of a damaged tooth. Placing a dental crown can strengthen a tooth to prevent further damage and restore its functionality. Dental crowns can also enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. But what situations typically require dental crowns? Consult the list from your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, below to find out.

Three Issues that Necessitate Dental Crowns

  1. Tooth decay. When a tooth suffers from tooth decay, it is substantially weakened. In some cases, it may be very unstable and could crack, chip, or break without reinforcement. In situations like these, a dental crown is necessary to strengthen the tooth and to keep it from sustaining further damage.
  2. An accident. Accidents happen. When they happen to teeth, the results are rarely pretty. Just imagine the results of an unexpected blow to a tooth. It may crack or break, rendering it useless and putting a serious damper on an otherwise beautiful smile. Thankfully, however, a dental crown can repair the damaged tooth, blending in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth and restoring the smile’s beauty.
  3. Bruxism. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, often occurs during sleep, when people are unaware of the strain they are putting on their teeth. Initially, this strain may result in enamel loss, which weakens teeth and makes them more exposed and vulnerable to tooth decay. Over time, however, the risk that teeth will crack, chip, or break grows. Without intervention, structural damage is very likely, and if structural damage occurs, dental crowns are necessary.

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