Have You Heard About ClearCorrect Invisible Braces?

The days have passed when braces were only for children and young teens. Adults can suffer from crooked teeth, as well, yet are more apt to forego orthodontic treatment due to potential embarrassment in their personal and professional lives. Luckily, you can now enjoy straighter teeth without metal mouth-work announcing your treatment to the world. Polk City dentist Dr. Ryan Hussong introduces ClearCorrect invisible braces, and answers some of the most common questions about the innovative orthodontic treatment.

ClearCorrect FAQs

How does ClearCorrect straighten teeth without brackets and wires?

The secret to ClearCorrect’s success lies in its clear acrylic aligners, which replace the metal mechanisms utilized by traditional braces to force teeth into their correct position. While metal braces use brackets and wires to apply force to your teeth, ClearCorrect uses a series of acrylic aligners that progressively reposition your teeth through the use of gentle force.

 Are ClearCorrect’s aligners really invisible?

Yes! The aligners are made from clear acrylic, and are custom-manufactured to form-fit your dentition. Your invisible aligners will fit snugly and discretely over your teeth.

What diet restrictions to I have to stick to during treatment with ClearCorrect?

If you’ve ever had traditional braces, then you know the diet can sometimes be the hardest part of treatment. Certain foods, usually the ones you want the most, are off limits to traditional-braces wearers because pieces can become trapped between the wires and brackets. On the contrary, ClearCorrect aligners are removable, so you can take them off while eating whatever you please. Removable aligners also make cleaning your teeth easier, as well, which reduces your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease while straightening your teeth.

How often do I have to visit my dentist during treatment?

When you wear traditional braces, treatment requires visiting the dentist periodically to adjust, tighten, or otherwise tweak the metal brackets and wires. With ClearCorrect, you still have to visit Dr. Hussong’s office periodically, but “adjustment” only entails receiving the next aligner in the series. Also, because ClearCorrect treatment is flexible, you can schedule your appointments whenever you have time.

Don’t Hesitate to Call

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