Polk City Dentist Talks Calcium—Good for More than Just Your Bones

beautiful woman drinking milk with thumb upIn the world of essential minerals and nutrients, calcium is somewhat popular. Most people recognize the mineral as a vital component to healthy bone formation and maintenance, but while maintaining your body’s frame is important, it’s not the only thing your body needs calcium for, by far. The mineral is also responsible for a number of crucial biological functions, including nerve transmission and vascular contraction. As far as your oral health goes, calcium also plays a number of important roles. Your Polk City dentist, Dr. Hussong, explores the mineral’s relationship with your oral tissues, and explains why you should ensure you have plenty of calcium in your diet.

How Calcium Preserves Your Oral Health

Strengthening your bones actually doubles as one of calcium’s dental benefits. Your teeth are planted on a bedrock of jawbone, which calcium helps fortify along with the rest of your bones. Aside from holding your teeth in place by their roots, your jawbone helps sustain your teeth by supplying it with nutrition through these roots. If your jawbone’s integrity is compromised due to a calcium deficiency, it can lose its ability to retain your teeth and you may be faced with single or multiple tooth loss.

Calcium also directly affects your teeth as a building block of the enamel that surrounds and protects them. Enamel is the strongest and most mineralized substance that your body produces, and it maintains its strength by absorbing minerals from your teeth. Every time you eat or drink, however, certain oral bacteria consume the sugar from your food or beverage and convert into acid, which weakens your enamel and depletes minerals from your teeth. Ensuring a healthy supply of calcium can help keep enamel strong in the face of acid erosion and improve your chances of avoiding tooth decay.

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