Polk City Dentist Offers Discrete Adult Braces

polk city smileAs a child, wearing braces can be rather embarrassing. However, as an adult, wearing braces can be downright mortifying. Unfortunately, society is not very accepting of braces on adults, and oftentimes, this attitude prevents adults from achieving their ideal smiles. But what if there were another way? What if you could straighten your teeth without making them a display for machinery? You can with adult braces from your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong.

What Are Adult Braces?

Adult braces are discrete braces made out of a clear material. They do away with brackets and wires, replacing them with clear and removable aligners. This teeth-straightening system features a series of aligners, each with a slightly different alignment. By progressing through the series according to a specified schedule, teeth are gradually repositioned to correct orthodontic problems and create a beautiful smile.

Adult Braces and Professionalism

In a work environment, it is important that those around you see you as a professional. Unfortunately, wearing traditional braces can disrupt your image and distract people from the merits of your work. This is not the case with adult braces, however. The discrete nature of the clear aligners allows your teeth and your smile to shine through, and without such visible metal work, the people in your work setting will be able to focus on what you have to say rather than your own personal decision to straighten your teeth, leaving your confidence intact.

Other Benefits of Adult Braces

If discretion and confidence were not enough, adult braces offer a couple of other noteworthy benefits. First, homecare is very easy with adult braces because the aligners are removable. Patients can, therefore, take out their aligners and brush and floss their teeth with ease. Second, patients wearing clear braces are able to eat a wider variety of food than patients who wear metal braces. Rather than having to worry about food getting caught in the brackets and wires, wearers of adult braces can remove their aligners at mealtimes and enjoy their food without worry.

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