Ten Shades Brighter in One Office Visit? Yes, It’s Possible!

One visit teeth whitening in Polk City IA

Did someone say “complimentary paraffin hand dip?”

There’s a reason why teeth whitening has become the most popular cosmetic enhancement in the world, and we see it in the smiles of our patients as they see changes in their teeth. We hear it, too, when our patients share how much more confident and attractive they feel afterward. People with white, healthy teeth are generally perceived by others as professional, content, and successful. Dr. Ryan Hussong, a general dentist who provides one-visit teeth whitening in Polk City IA, takes great pride in helping patients look and feel their best.

Cornerstone Dental Lets You Choose Your Whitening Method

Although dentists have dozens of teeth whitening systems from which to choose, Dr. Hussong offers only those that meet his exacting standards. Our in-home whitening kit, chair side whitening treatment, and deep bleaching options were all chosen for their ease of use, lasting results, and patient comfort. Our most popular whitening service takes place in our office, where we will treat you to a complimentary neck wrap and our signature paraffin hand treatment. In the meantime, take advantage of these tips for making your teeth appear whiter both before and after your visit.

Tips for Enhancing Your Smile Before and After Whitening

If your teeth have a dull or yellow cast, most shades of lipstick and lip gloss will draw others’ attention to your mouth, and may actually cause discoloration to appear more dramatic. This is unfortunate, says Dr. Hussong, who cites a recent study in which participants overwhelmingly named a bright smile as one of the most attractive qualities in a person. You can avoid this unflattering effect by wearing lip color that has a blue or violet-tinted base. A deep red shade provides a marked contrast between your teeth and lips, which works to your advantage. Steer clear of brown or orange-based shades, which may make teeth appear even darker. Dr. Hussong notes, however, that you should not apply lip color for at least 24 to 48 hours after your treatment. You can also create the illusion of white teeth by applying a light dusting of bronzer to your face. Use a lighter shade to avoid looking unnatural.

Questions about teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry? Contact our Polk City IA dentist office at 515-984-6001 to schedule a consultation or appointment with Dr. Hussong. We beautify the smiles of patients living in Alleman, Ankeny, Bondurant, Elkhart, and the surrounding communities.