One Visit, One Hour Teeth Whitening Now Available in Polk City, IA

Whitening on your lunch break? No problem!Dr. Ryan Hussong, who provides cosmetic dentistry and one visit teeth whitening in Polk City, IA, helps his patients achieve the smile they’ve been dreaming about for years. We have seen patients who delayed seeking treatment because they believe multiple appointments will be required to produce noticeable results. Others have heard horror stories of people whose experience with over-the-counter whitening kits resulted in disaster. Fortunately, says Dr. Hussong, you have other options for whitening your teeth. We’ve provided answers to our patients’ most common questions about whitening teeth at Cornerstone Dental.

What causes teeth to appear dull or yellowed?

Many people assume that discoloration occurs only as a result of poor oral hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, such as smoking or consuming excessive amounts of coffee. These are among the most common causes, but other factors are beyond your control. Tooth color, like eye color, varies from one individual to another, and naturally brilliant teeth are usually the exception, not the rule. Taking certain medications, such as the antibiotic tetracycline, can make teeth appear gray with prolonged use.

Preventable causes of stained teeth include:

  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Brushing infrequently, or not at all
  • Drinking colored cola, teas, red wine, and coffee beverages
  • Consuming acidic foods and beverages

Note that most acidic foods, such as citrus fruit or tomatoes, do not actually stain the teeth. However, the acidity can compromise the tooth enamel and expose the layer of dentin beneath. Compared to tooth enamel, dentin appears less white and is more susceptible to staining.

How long does one-visit teeth whitening treatment take?

Our patients love that they can enjoy whiter teeth in just under an hour. We’ve treated many busy professionals who visit on their lunch break and return to their office with time to spare. This service also appeals to patients who have upcoming special events, such as a wedding, job interview, or speaking engagement. The results of your in-office whitening treatment, while not permanent, will last for years. For best results, Dr. Hussong recommends continuing to brush twice daily and floss at least once. Don’t forget to schedule your twice-yearly professional cleaning, which will protect the health of your smile as well.

What other options are available for teeth whitening in Polk City?

Dr. Hussong understands that not all of his patients want to visit his office for teeth whitening. He now offers two additional treatment options, Kör deep bleaching and take-home whitening kits. The Kör whitening system combines in-office and take-home treatments to address stains that cannot be removed by one method alone. Take-home whitening kits are ideal for those who wish to have a more private experience. Our home whitening kits produce results gradually, usually achieving peak whitening within two to four weeks.

Can’t wait for whitening? To learn more about teeth whitening in Polk City, IA, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Hussong, contact Cornerstone Dental at (515) 984-6001. We serve patients living in Alleman, Ames, Ankeny, Grimes, and the surrounding communities. You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest insights and inspiration from our office.

4 Responses to “One Visit, One Hour Teeth Whitening Now Available in Polk City, IA”

  1. Christian

    What can I do to keep my teeth white after a an in-office treatment?

    • Ryan Hussong

      By maintaining good dental habits, including brushing, flossing, and attending dental cleanings, you can help your teeth stay brighter, longer.

      • Ryan Hussong

        I would also like to add that another form of teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, involve placing restorations that are actually stain-resistant.