Let Your Polk City Dentist Help Diagnose and Treat Your Sleep Apnea

Do you have nights of sleeplessness accompanied by lots of snoring? Do you wake up several times throughout the night and feel groggy and exhausted the next day?

If so, you may be one of the millions of Americans that suffers from Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common form of the condition, and is caused by obstruction to your airways while you sleep. While snoring is often a symptom of OSA, it’s not the only sign. Sleep Apnea can cause you to stop breathing for periods of time during the night, keeping your from getting the sleep you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a high quality of life.

Think about how you feel during the day. If you experience daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue, morning headaches, irritability, impaired memory and judgment, and mood disturbances, you may have OSA.

Let Dr. Ryan Hussong, a dentist in Polk City, Iowa, help you.

If you suspect you have Sleep Apnea, schedule an appointment at Cornerstone Dental by calling (515) 984-6001. At this appointment, Dr. Hussong will ask you about your symptoms, your nighttime behavior, your medical history, and will spend time examining your mouth. If he suspects you do indeed have Sleep Apnea, he will work with you to schedule a sleep study to truly diagnose the condition.

If you do suffer from Sleep Apnea, Dr. Hussong will discuss treatment, such as the TAP® product, with you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Cornerstone Dental.