How to Permanently Tighten Loose Dentures

middle age guy in thoughtThe good thing about modern dentures is that they can restore the beautiful, functional smile of patients who’ve lost all of their teeth. As anyone who’s worn them for a while can attest to, however, the constant need for readjustments, and sometimes complete replacements, due to a loose fit can sometimes be inconvenient. Though they’re custom-made to tightly hug your dental ridges, dentures eventually become loose, making it difficult and uncomfortable to bite and chew your food, speak, or smile fully in public. Instead of routinely tightening your dentures when they become loose, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, often recommends implant dentures that remain as secure as the day you received them.

Why Dentures Lose Their Grip

It’s not just that your replacement teeth where down after years of use; more importantly, one of the main reasons dentures lose their grip is because of the changing shape of your jawbone. Every time you bite and chew, the pressure stimulates your teeth’s roots, which are embedded in your jawbone. When you lose your teeth’s roots, your jawbone loses some of this stimulation, and your body sends it fewer minerals and nutrients as a result. Over time, your jawbone can shrink from what is essentially malnutrition, causing your dental ridges to change shape and your dentures to no longer fit properly.

Implant Dentures, In a Nutshell

Unlike conventional dentures, which consist of replicated teeth crowns on a gum-colored plastic base, dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, underneath the gum line. After your jawbone has healed, usually in about 4-6 months, Dr. Hussong can secure your denture(s) to the titanium root devices. The prosthetic teeth roots help stem the jawbone deterioration that follows tooth loss, reducing the risk of your dentures becoming loose. Dental implants also support your replacement teeth with as much stability as your natural teeth and roots, so you don’t have to rely on adhesives to hold your dentures in place.


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