Find Relief for TMJ Disorder

TMJ, or TMD, disorder is very common, yet many sufferers don’t know they have it. Approximately 35 million people have temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

How do you know if you suffer from TMD/TMJ? If you have frequent headaches or  popping jaw when you open and close your mouth, or experience pain in your jaw joints or muscles, you might have TMJ.

The condition is caused by the misalignment and irritation in the joint that connect the jawbone and the skull. Age, stress, or teeth grinding can cause this discomfort. Over time, nerves and muscles become inflamed and result in jaw discomfort. TMD also causes earaches, migraines, neck pain, and even the inability to fully open your mouth.

But, TMD is more than just annoying pains. It can cause long-term damage to your teeth and jaw. Constant teeth grinding wears down and weakens teeth. It can alter how the upper and lower jaws fit together. A poor fit further taxes the muscles and nerves, causing more jaw clinching or teeth grinding at night. Thus, a dangerous and painful cycle begins.

Dr. Ryan Hussong is trained in treating TMD/TMJ. With a simple consultation, he can evaluate your jaw pain and determine if the cause is TMD. Then, Dr. Hussong will begin a course of treatment and correction. Treatment could involve restorative dentistry, or possibly a mouthpiece to wear at night that keeps teeth from grinding against each other.

Do you suffer from jaw pain or frequent headaches? You could have TMD/TMJ. Call Cornerstone Dental today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hussong and begin a new life of comfort. Our dental office serves Polk City, Ankeny, Alleman, Johnston, Bondurant, Grimes, and the surrounding areas.