FAQs: How Do I Fix a Broken Tooth?


We understand that accidents happen. Whether you bit down on something hard or were injured, you can often end up with a chipped or broken tooth. What do you do next? Fortunately, at Cornerstone Dental, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, offers a number of procedures designed to return a broken tooth to full function and health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixing a Broken Tooth

Question: What should I do when I break a tooth?

Answer: First, gather up any pieces of the tooth you can find. You will need to bring these with you when you see Dr. Hussong. If the area begins to bleed, apply a piece of gauze. A cold compress can be used to control any swelling. Then contact Dr. Hussong right away.

Question: What is dental bonding?

Answer: Dental bonding is a technique that employs the same composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings to repair damaged teeth. After preparing the tooth, several layers of bonding material will be applied. Dr. Hussong will cure the material with a special blue light and sculpt and mold the tooth, offering lifelike restoration.

Question: Will I need a crown?

Answer: For major damage, a crown may be needed to repair the tooth. The crown will fit over the visible portion of the tooth. A crown preserves the remaining structure and helps avoid the onset of decay or infection. We use porcelain to create natural looking dental crowns.

Question: How do veneers repair broken teeth?

Answer: Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are placed on the front of the tooth. Veneers can be used to lengthen worn down teeth or fixed broken or malformed teeth. Made from porcelain, veneers blend seamlessly with your smile. If you have any questions about veneers or our other restorative options for fixing broken teeth, schedule a consultation today.

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