Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

young man with tooth painDental emergencies usually involve damage to a patient’s teeth and/or gums, and if not addressed quickly, the condition can grow worse and seriously threaten the patient’s oral health. Excellent hygiene, like thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice every day, helps maintain the integrity of your tooth enamel, which is teeth’s most formidable defense against damage and disease. Unfortunately, inadequate hygiene or accidental trauma can undo your efforts and often lead to an emergency situation. If one or more of your teeth are damaged and you need emergency dental treatment, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, can help address the issue and possibly save your teeth from extraction or permanent loss.

Tips to Handle a Dental Emergency

Broken Tooth

Depending on the fracture and where it occurs, a broken tooth typically involves severe sensitivity, especially if the tooth’s pulp (nerves and blood vessels) is exposed. If possible, collect and save any pieces that have broken off and carefully rinse them with warm water. Rinse your mouth, as well, to rid it of debris. If the tooth is bleeding, apply a piece of gauze until the bleeding stops. A cold compress to the side of the face can reduce swelling and pain. Call our office as soon as possible to schedule an emergency appointment, and bring the pieces of the tooth with you.

Partially Dislodged (Extruded) Tooth

Healthy teeth are held in their sockets by periodontal ligaments between the teeth’s roots and the jawbone. Traumatic force, or advanced periodontal disease, can destroy these ligaments, causing the tooth to become loose or partially dislodged. Try to hold the tooth in place by biting down slightly, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever to relieve discomfort. A cold compress can also help with discomfort and reduce swelling, if present. Call our office immediately to seek appropriate treatment.

Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Tooth

In some cases, a knocked-out, or avulsed, tooth can be successfully replanted, avoiding the need for tooth replacement. However, you must visit our office as soon as possible, preferably within the hour, for the best chance of replantation. Collect the tooth, handling only the crown (top part) of the tooth, and carefully rinse it without scrubbing. Try to place the tooth back in its socket, but don’t force it. If the tooth doesn’t fit, place it in a small container of milk until you reach our office.

About Dr. Ryan Hussong:

Dr. Ryan Hussong is a dedicated restorative, family, and cosmetic dentist who is passionate about helping patients create and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles. Whether your smile is in the grips of a dental disease, or if you have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention, Dr. Hussong has the experience to help you protect, preserve, or restore your smile. To schedule a consultation with us, call the Cornerstone Dental office today at (515) 984-6001.