Dental X-ray FAQs Answered by Your Polk City Dentist

At Cornerstone Dental, we understand that the modern dental patient is informed, conscientious of his or her health, and not afraid to ask questions. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many of our patients are curious about one of the most common diagnostic tools in our dental office, dental X-rays. Our Polk City dentist will gladly answer common questions about dental radiography to help keep you empowered with knowledge and ease your nerves in the dental chair.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Our patients have heard of the dangers of radiation poisoning and excessive radiography. We understand how you may be concerned about receiving a dental X-ray; however, this information may put your mind at ease. Our Polk City dental office offers digital dental X-rays that expose up to 80 percent less radiation than the already tiny amounts in traditional dental X-rays. We take extra precautions to minimize your exposure time with faster technology and guided beams, as well as lead aprons.

Why do I need a dental X-ray?

Dental radiography is used for a variety of diagnostic tests. Dental X-rays can expose latent problems that would have otherwise been invisible naked eye. Tooth decay beneath existing dental work, tooth root cracks, signs of oral cancer, and gum disease are all more clearly visible on our sharp resolution screens. Dental X-rays can also help with treatment planning for orthodontics treatment, dental implants, and dentures.

When should I have more frequent dental X-rays?

Dr. Ryan Hussong, our Polk City dentist may recommend more frequent dental radiographs if you are at a higher risk of dental disease. This includes If you have had previous dental work, smoke, or if you are over 40. These dental X-rays can help Dr. Hussong keep tabs on the success of dental restorations, your risk of oral cancer, and other dental issues.

Dental Checkups in Polk City

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