Demystifying the Technology Behind Healthy Smiles

With vast improvements over the dental technology of the previous decades, today’s dentist incorporates an impressive array of devices and computer programs to clean, diagnose, and treat patients’ teeth. Polk City IA general dentist Dr. Ryan Hussong pulls back the curtain and explains the technology that makes our patients’ experiences more enjoyable and efficient than ever. Dental technology in Polk City, IA

You Say: “I’m tired of waiting around for the results of my x-rays.”

Dr. Hussong Says:  “Digital x-rays offer results almost instantly.”

At Cornerstone Dental, we remember the days when taking dental x-rays meant awkward bite wings, bulky machines, and endless waiting for results. Today, we use digital x-rays to take images of our patients’ teeth and bones. Compared with film radiography, digital radiography uses up to 80 percent less radiation. The results appear in seconds on Dr. Hussong’s monitor, and you will see for yourself that digital images are clearer and more detailed than film images. This precision enables Dr. Hussong to more clearly identify potential problems that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

You Say: “I think I have a cavity, but I dread the sound of that drill.”

Dr. Hussong Says: “With air abrasion, we can ditch the drill.”

Unfortunately, just thinking about the high-pitched whine of the dental drill keeps many patients from pursuing the help they need for their teeth. Left untreated, tooth decay results in tooth and bone loss, recurrent infections, and serious medical issues. Dr. Hussong uses air abrasion, a process which removes traces of decay without the need for the shrill drill. Compared to traditional dental drills, the air abrasion process allows for targeted removal of decay, which preserves a larger portion of your natural tooth. If you do have a cavity, you will not require anesthesia to remain comfortable during the procedure.

You Say: “I’m tired of hearing about why I need a procedure. Show me.”

We Say: “The ToothIQ System uses visuals to explain key dental issues.”

We understand that our patients sometimes have difficulty visualizing a procedure and how it will affect their teeth and gums. The ToothIQ System presents clear, informative images, animations, and presentations outlining procedures, before and after scenarios, and other important topics to support informed decision-making about your treatment. This comprehensive patient education system, combined with our knowledgeable and friendly staff, empowers are patients. You will see firsthand how your decisions impact the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

Cornerstone Dental also delivers excellent patient care with digital photography and the use of intraoral cameras. We find that digital photography is an effective way to visually document your progress, especially when you undergo cosmetic or restorative procedures. Intraoral cameras enable patients to view their teeth and gums on a screen while Dr. Hussong explains his findings.

About Cornerstone Dental: Although technology plays an important role in our office, we believe that personalized service and friendly, compassionate service are just as vital. Call our Polk City office at 515-984-6001 to request an appointment or schedule a consultation with Dr. Hussong. We proudly serve patients living in Ankeny, Grimes, Ames, Johnston, Urbandale, Des Moines, and the surrounding communities.