ClearCorrect: The Clearly Superior Straightening Option

General dentist in Polk City, IA

Straighter teeth with no metal mouth? Success!

Years ago, patients who wanted to straighten their teeth had few options, the most popular of which was metal braces. Bulky and conspicuous, traditional braces were inconvenient in every way, requiring multiple appointments with an orthodontist on top of regular dental visits. Today you can opt for ClearCorrect invisible braces for straighter teeth, and you can obtain them at the office of Dr. Ryan Hussong, your general dentist in Polk City, IA.

Am I a Good Match for ClearCorrect?

The beauty of ClearCorrect is its universal appeal. Patients who achieve the best results share three common characteristics:

  • A desire for teeth that appear straighter and more evenly spaced
  • Healthy, structurally sound teeth and gums
  • The ability to visit Cornerstone Dental every 2-4 weeks to receive new aligners

We love that ClearCorrect doesn’t appeal to any one type of patient. Our list of patients who have tried and loved invisible braces includes all ages, professions, and personal styles. These stories are typical of our satisfied patients.

Lisa is in her third year of classes at Iowa State University, where she studies fine arts and is active in theater. She has noticed that actresses with bright, bold smiles get all the best parts and wonders whether her own chances could be improved. An actress must be able to enunciate and speak loudly onstage, and she fears that metal braces would interfere. She also wants to avoid looking too young, as this could keep her from landing mature roles.

After working for a major corporation for three years, Michael has watched his coworkers land promotions left and right. He has a four-year degree and a good deal of experience, but his managers are concerned that he isn’t outgoing enough to lead others. What they don’t know is that Michael loves to engage others and lead them, but he’s extremely self-conscious about multiple gaps between his top teeth. The last thing he wants is for his coworkers and department heads to judge him on account of his teeth.

Nicole, a sales professional, works in a competitive corporate environment where everyone is under 30, has an MBA, and has perfect hair and teeth. It’s becoming harder than ever to maintain a competitive edge, and Nicole wonders whether a healthier, straighter smile could give her that extra push to close more deals. She’s up for a promotion, too, but worries that traditional metal braces might harm her professional, mature appearance as a 45-year-old woman.

It’s hard to deny the impressive results, and our patients have many more reasons to love straightening their teeth with ClearCorrect:

Metal Is Out, ClearCorrect Is In

The benefits of invisible braces go beyond their proven results. Our patients appreciate ClearCorrect for many reasons. Because the aligners are made of durable clear plastic, others cannot tell when you’re wearing them. When it’s time to eat, simply remove the aligners. You won’t have to worry about whether food has lodged itself between brackets and wires, creating an embarrassing faux pas and unpleasant breath. Wearing ClearCorrect is more comfortable than wearing braces, too, with no wires poking into your cheek and lips.

ClearCorrect and Cornerstone Dental are a natural fit. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ryan Hussong, contact our office at (515) 984-6001. We are pleased to offer preventive and restorative dentistry to patients living in Alleman, Ames, Ankeny, Des Moines, Grimes, and the surrounding cities.