Cavity Fighting Tip: Drink More Milk with Your Cereal

enjoying a bowl of cerealBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for more reasons than you might realize. Eating a well-balanced breakfast can help curve unhealthy cravings later in the day. If you eat before brushing your teeth in the morning, your breakfast will jump start your flow of saliva, which is one of your mouth’s natural defense mechanisms. The order in which you eat can also have an impact on how your food interacts with your smile. For instance, Dr. Hussong explains why drinking more milk with your cereal, or washing your bowl down with a glass of milk once you’ve finished, can help increase your chances of preventing cavities.

Cereal and Cavities

The last thing you consume has the most influence on your teeth and gums once you’ve finished eating. Though many cereals boast of low sugar content, they still contain starches that can feed the oral bacteria that make up dental plaque. Some of these germs consume starch, as well as sugar and other carbs, and convert them into acid that erodes the enamel surrounding your teeth. After eating a bowl of cereal, the bacterial acid can dwell in your mouth for up to 20-30 minutes.

Milk and Teeth

As your smile’s primary line of defense, tooth enamel is made up almost entirely of calcium and phosphate mineral crystals. Since your body doesn’t produce calcium naturally, you must consume it, and milk and other dairy products are famously rich in both minerals. As acid attacks tooth enamel, it also depletes your teeth of the minerals they need to keep enamel strong. Drinking milk helps ensure that you receive an adequate amount of calcium and phosphate, and drinking it after finishing your cereal can help neutralize acid while replenishing your teeth of the essential minerals.

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