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Uncovering 4 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Of the most frequent methods for treating extensive cavities, root canal treatment (RCT) can seem like the least appealing, making many patients procrastinate, or choose to wait until the tooth can be removed. Since it’s so often perceived as unpleasant, many patients also refrain from even discussing the procedure, instead believing the myriad myths that… Read more »

How and Why Teeth Break

If you’ve ever heard that your teeth are among the strongest things your body produces, you might wonder why, then, do they so often crack and break? As Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong explains, the answer is complicated. Yes, your teeth are comprised of a strong, bone-like substance called dentin, and surrounded by the… Read more »

How to Permanently Tighten Loose Dentures

The good thing about modern dentures is that they can restore the beautiful, functional smile of patients who’ve lost all of their teeth. As anyone who’s worn them for a while can attest to, however, the constant need for readjustments, and sometimes complete replacements, due to a loose fit can sometimes be inconvenient. Though they’re… Read more »

The Specifics of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss isn’t always accompanied by an obvious, dramatic incident, such as a traumatic blow to the face. In fact, the most common reasons behind tooth loss are chronic dental diseases that often develop and progress almost unnoticed. Despite its wide-spread prevalence, tooth loss isn’t an inevitable occurrence, and in most cases, it can be… Read more »

Quiz: Why Do We Need Root Canals?

Do you feel apprehensive when your dentist mentions the words “root canal”? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Due to misinformation and exaggeration, many people feel nervous about this safe and often crucial dental treatment. A root canal is often the best course of action for preserving the appearance and function of your smile.

Not Another Statistic: Preventing Dental Emergencies

Although not all dental emergencies are preventable, the vast majority are actually avoidable, says Dr. Ryan Hussong of Cornerstone Dental Group. Dr. Hussong, an emergency dentist in Polk City, IA, explains steps patients can take to avoid chips, cracks, and fractures, and what options are available to you following a dental emergency. Oops…Did I Do… Read more »