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Quiz: Why Do We Need Root Canals?

Do you feel apprehensive when your dentist mentions the words “root canal”? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Due to misinformation and exaggeration, many people feel nervous about this safe and often crucial dental treatment. A root canal is often the best course of action for preserving the appearance and function of your smile.

How to Find the Right Dentist

Finding a dentist can be as easy as Google searching your area for one. Finding a good dentist, however, may be a bit more involved. Caring for your dental health can comprise a number of different focuses, from improving hygiene to restoring damaged teeth and gums, and sometimes simply improving your smile’s image. Therefore, the… Read more »

Learn About Our Children’s Dental Care

Few things brighten your day like your little one’s smile. Keeping your children’s teeth bright and free of disease improves overall health. At Cornerstone Dental, we provide the latest in quality children’s dentistry. Your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, can improve the state of your child’s teeth and gums.

Polk City Dentist: Learn About Dental Implants with a Quiz

Do you suffer from the loss of one or more teeth? Missing teeth hinder the health and appearance of millions of Americans. At Cornerstone Dental, we provide durable and esthetically pleasing tooth replacement with dental implants. In today’s blog, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong, employs a fun and informative quiz to discuss the… Read more »

Eating Grapefruit Benefits the Body, Reports 50035 Dentist

Do you enjoy a grapefruit in the morning for breakfast? If you’ve said no, then you may want to consider incorporating more grapefruits into your diet. This subtropical citrus fruit proves most beneficial for your body and dental health. To share the many benefits of grapefruits, Dr. Ryan Hussong, your 50035 dentist offers his patients… Read more »

What is TMJ Disorder? Polk City Dentist Explains

More than 15% of the American population suffers from a condition called, temporomandibular joint disorder (or TMJ disorder). This degenerative jaw dysfunction causes patients to experience extreme pain in the head, neck, jaw joint, and the surrounding tissues. While almost every dentist is familiar with this unfortunate condition, not every patient has a detailed understanding… Read more »

Polk City Dentist Answers Your FAQs About Dentures

As we grow older, the risk of tooth loss increases. A study by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons shows that 69% of adults over 35 are missing at least one permanent tooth. By the time we reach 74, the number of adults missing all of their teeth reaches 26%. At Cornerstone Dental,… Read more »

Polk City Dentist: Learn About Cosmetic Dentistry with a Fun Quiz

Do you cover your mouth when you laugh or try to avoid having your picture taken? Aesthetic smile issues often cause embarrassment and may lead a person to avoid socializing with friends and family. Fortunately, at Cornerstone Dental, we offer smile improvement with cosmetic dentistry. In today’s blog, your Polk City dentist, Dr. Ryan Hussong,… Read more »