Decisions, Decisions: Which Whitening Treatment Is Best for You?

Fashions and fads come and go, but a brilliant, healthy smile is always in season. At Cornerstone Dental, we understand that not everyone is born with a mega-watt smile. Our teeth are as unique as our personalities, so it is only natural that some teeth are naturally whiter than others. We also realize that our patients are busy people who need flexible options to suit their schedule. Dr. Ryan Hussong explains three popular options for teeth whitening in Polk City, IA.

Why We Love Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is one of the fastest ways to achieve a youthful and vibrant smile. Over the years, teeth become dull and stained. Stains form as a result of drinking coffee, tea, and soda. Yellow or brown stains are also tell-tale signs of heavy cigarette and smokeless tobacco use. Sometimes nature is to blame, and our teeth just aren’t quite as stunning as we desire. A recent survey indicates that tooth whitening is the single most popular procedure performed in cosmetic dentistry.

Whitening in the Comfort of Your Home

If you feel more comfortable whitening your teeth in privacy, consider the popular in-home option. After you visit with your general dentist, you will receive a specially prepared kit to take home. Your kit will contain a prescription-strength gel whitener, which you will use with a bleaching tray. Unlike over-the-counter whitening systems, this bleaching tray is custom fitted to ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness. People find that using an in-home kit allows for gradual, subtle whitening with easy maintenance. You achieve results within a few weeks, and requesting a new supply of whitening gel is as convenient as calling our dentist.

Deep Bleaching for Stubborn Stains

When milder treatments do not produce the desired level of whitening, Dr. Hussong may recommend the Kör system, which combines the best of in-office and in-home treatment to tackle the most challenging stains. For example, Kör proves effective even on teeth that have been discolored by long-term tetracycline antibiotic therapy. If you choose this option, it takes somewhat longer to see the final results. Many patients find that the results are worth the wait, however, as this powerful cosmetic dentistry treatment provides permanent results. Tooth whitening

Whitening Without the Waiting

When time is of the essence, an in-office treatment delivers results in a hurry. Chair side whitening takes approximately 60 minutes depending on the desired results. This is an efficient and convenient means of achieving up to ten shades of powerful whitening. We find that in-office whitening works brilliantly for upcoming special events, vacations, and important meetings. It is not unusual to see patients receive this whitening treatment while on their lunch break.

Brightening your smile is one of the many ways Cornerstone Dental can improve the way you look and feel. We also offer cosmetic and restorative enhancements such as clear braces, porcelain veneers, and porcelain crowns. For more information on whitening your teeth, we invite you to call our Polk City office at 515-984-6001. Dr. Hussong, DDS delivers safe and conscientious cosmetic and family dentistry to residents in and around Ankeny, Grimes, Ames, Johnston, Urbandale, and Des Moines.