The 4-1-1 on Choosing the Best Dental Floss

IVSedIf you’re the type who feels overwhelmed when asked to choose between paper and plastic, choosing the right dental floss might seem like a nightmare. This should be easy, you think. Dental floss is just string, right? Wrong, says Dr. Ryan Hussong, an Alleman, IA dentist. When one our patients complained that the local supermarket carried more than a dozen varieties of dental floss, we didn’t dare tell him that one of the most popular online drugstores stocks a whopping 125 options! How do you choose?

Floss Daily to Ward Off Gum Disease and Infections

At Cornerstone Dental, we’ve treated patients who brush two, even three times daily but still have problems with plaque and bad breath. True, brushing removes most traces of bacteria and food from the surface of your teeth, but only flossing can effectively tease out the bits hidden beneath the gum line and between your teeth. Over time, these deposits harden into plaque, which you cannot clean away with your toothbrush. Patients who skip flossing will most likely have a sour or bitter taste in the mouth, bad breath, and a higher chance of developing gum disease. Periodontal disease aggressively destroys your teeth, bone, and gum tissue. Without treatment, it leads to tooth loss.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Call It “String”

Great, but how do you choose? Start with the five main types of dental floss.


From There, It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

Once you determine the right type of floss, everything beyond that boils down to your own liking. Flavor and brand generally have no effect on how well a product cleans between your teeth. That said, you will see a number of manufacturers offering dental floss that claims to use the most innovative materials and genius construction. Do you need them? Probably not. Of course, we support anything that helps you remember to floss regularly.

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      Yes. In fact, floss picks are often good for children learning to floss.