A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

Have you ever used the phrase “worse than a root canal” to describe an awful experience? You’ve obviously never received a root canal from Dr. Ryan Hussong, a Polk City, IA, dentist. Root canals, also called “root canal therapy,” can bring relief to patients experiencing pain because of decay and infection.

How Do Root Canals Help Teeth?

Your teeth are composed of three parts: enamel, the hard outer layer; dentin, the soft, yellow middle layer; and pulp, core of nerves at the center that provides each tooth with nourishment. Whenever a tooth is decayed or cracked, the pulp can become damaged. Bacteria can enter the pulp and cause an infection, which causes pressure to build inside of the tooth and leads to a severe toothache. To alleviate the pain and save the tooth structure, the pulp must be removed. A root canal is a conservative option that saves the tooth from extraction.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Modern root canals are fast and less invasive than they were in the past. In fact, root canals usually take as little as one visit. Dr. Hussong will remove the pulp, disinfect the inside of the tooth, place a tooth-colored filling, and then seal your tooth to prevent further infection and restore your tooth. When you go home, you will feel relieved of your severe toothache.

Dr. Hussong employs the latest in technology and dental techniques to make root canal therapy precise and successful. To learn more about root canals, or Dr. Hussong’s other restorative dental procedures, please call our Polk City, IA, dental practice today at 515-984-6001.We serve Polk City and surrounding areas of Alleman, Ankeny, Johnston, Bondurant, and Grimes.