A Better You in 2012

With the end of the year quickly approaching and new year’s resolutions on the mind, it’s likely that you’re thinking of ways that you can better yourself in 2012. Losing weight, exercising, volunteering, and spending more time with family are popular goals, but what about your health—more specifically, your dental health?

If you’re overdue for a professional dental cleaning and exam, you’re putting yourself at an increased risk for developing serious oral conditions and, as a result, serious overall health problems. What’s holding you back from going to the dentist every six months? If it’s because you don’t have a dentist that you trust or like, it’s time to find someone new. Read what patients are saying about Polk City dentist Dr. Ryan Hussong and the Cornerstone Dental team.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Hussong and his staff are exceptional. I would highly recommend Cornerstone Dental to anyone.”– Chad H.

“Very cordial staff, helpful suggestions from doctor and assistants, gentle care, latest treatments and technology, and a wonderful atmosphere…”– Becky A.

“Everyone was great! The whole staff was very friendly and genuinely happy to assist me. The atmosphere is fantastic; it does not feel like a cold, stark dentist office. It’s very calming and easy to relax there. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else!”– Anonymous

“I had Dr. Hussong remove all of my silver (mercury) fillings because they were so old, cracking, and could potentially cause dental and/or health problems. He replaced the mercury fillings with white resin. My teeth have never looked or felt better. Dr. Hussong was kind and considerate during the procedure by telling me each step he was taking while working on my teeth. It was a wonderful experience—the best I’ve head. I never had any pain throughout the procedure or afterwards, as he used the anesthesia so well. I am grateful to have found Dr. Hussong and his staff. I continue to tell my friends and coworkers about Cornerstone Dental. Thank you!”– LVK

“I just changed my dentist to Dr. Hussong. What a great choice! He was very personable and thorough. He explained what he was doing and why every step of the way. The convenience of having him in town is just a bonus!”– Anonymous

A Better You in 2012

Make your dental health a priority in 2012. As you can see, Dr. Hussong’s dental patients are very happy with the care they’ve received at Cornerstone Dental, and Dr. Hussong is confident that he can provide you with the care you deserve, as well. To reserve an appointment for early next year, call Cornerstone Dental, located in Polk City, at (515) 984-6001.